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January 2018

Point-Counterpoint: Can Programmatic Open Markets Survive? (1/18/2018)


DSPs Charge Hidden Fees - And Many Can't Afford to Stop (1/10/2018)

“[DSPs] don’t appear to be sustainable businesses anymore based on their platform fee alone without nickel & diming via other fees”


October 2017

Programmatic I/O New York: "A Fixer's Guide to Mobile RTB" 

An insider's view of the tips and hacks that can make the difference in the less familiar world of mobile RTB.

74% of all display buying in 2017 is on a mobile device and yet buyers: alienate users with ineffective creative, isolate mobile campaigns from the rest of their marketing strategy and measure mobile the way they measure desktop.


April, 2017

Programmatic I/O San Francisco: "Programmatic-as-a-Service"

An exploration of the expanding economy of service providers who make sense of and money from programmatic media.